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A Smarter Way To Solve The Earth's Energy Challenges

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         Our ancestors learned to save the ice so that it could be used in the summer. When technology changes our ways, we become dependent on combustion energy as well as electric energy. Those energies are not getting cheaper in 2022, so we need to make drastic changes. Our proposal is to take the nature's gifts and use them in the same manner as our ancestors.

Because the overall component system is used very rarely during the year, we provide a large warranty. We used the system only 22% of the time throughout the year.
Using the seasons, we are storing and cycling varying amounts of energy to help create the perfect balance for your home.
Recycling the seasons' heat and cold is the best strategy for combating global warming. This eliminates the need for electricity and combustion systems.
I propose to presale my book here, which will be online on 15 May 2022 and will provide free access to the uncut video server for one year.
Since you are recycling your own energy, this technology is very powerful. Seasonal exposure of your house is your source of energy.
I appreciate any donation since I want to create a full design live online to demonstrate the possibilities of this technology.Additionally, this will provide the help needed to create an app that will allow any donor to track the movement of the recycling system.
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the donation will help me for my new project
I am planning to build a new house live on video. The house will demonstrate a great opportunity for those who want to be eco-responsible and worry-free. [email protected]
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