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What is Season-Energy

inventive Solution from the past

For Controling Your Energy Production

This solution borrows the innovation way from the past to keep energy from the winter. It can also be used for the summertime. Imagine a house that uses less than 10000kWh for the whole year. On average, a family house consumes about "28,000kWh" per year.

Formation season-energy

Comprehensive Programs

For Controling Your Energy Production
14+ Years operationals
Of Experience & Record
350000Btu/ day
during normal summer day
39000k Watt
Energy saved every years
houses projects

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For Controling Your Energy Production
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Thermal design Installation

With a summer with almost 5 month
For a house of 300 square meters, we collect almost 37,000,000 btu for almost 5 months, this energy is also converted into heat by Season Energy's heat pump if needed.


INSPECTION every 2 years done by owner
The maintenance on this system, I hope I am not offending you, but is at a very low cost about 100 dollars every three years, this is because our design is to maximize thermal energy from season to season because normally we use the heat pump only for 2 months during the winter months.


Only if you decided
During construction, the driveway was only upgraded with one improvement: it was heated according to the season.So we created a pre-mature cool mass for this to be shared with the house in early spring.

Season Energy

Controlling Your Energy Production

While our ancestors were living without electricity, they were able to make ice boxes for food and ice cream. In 1800, they stored ice energy in a ground and barn all summer long. If it was good for them, then let's give it another chance.

  • Storage System 300000 BTU/DAY 2022
  • Pump
  • Winter
Season Energy

Saving System

Transparent & Flexible Almost No Maintenance